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We at Cleverpreneur are a group of Social Media experts helping grow both businesses, as well as individuals on social media with our extensive knowledge and experience. We can help you successfully navigate and profit from this online world with your business and brand. Despite our small town location we own multiple Instagram pages coming close to 1million followers, with a network of pages exceeding 20million followers. Josh, our founder who is just 19 has been engulfed in the Instagram marketplace for 3 years working with some of the worlds best marketers to come up with successful, results driven campaigns

We'll rapidly grow your following with good influencers and tactics

Always evolving with new trends and staying ahead of the game

Helping you monetize your following for maximum results

Constantly testing and tweaking to get the best results

Our services


Our flagship service, we've helped many huge brands gain hundreds of thousands of real, authentic IG followers, is it time to grow yours?


Twitter is a great place to get engaged with your audience easily, we can help you skyrocket your growth on the platform!


Youtube creates a huge connection between you and your audience and becomes extreme profitable. Let us make you youtube famous!


Old one but a good one. We can take your facebook game next level and blow up your profile overnight and grow your brand


Looking to reach people on a more personal level? Snapchats perfect! We can make you snap famous on this new and widely popular app

Web development

A good website in 2019 is like a big billboard down the main street (except it won't cost you nearly as much) let us build you a winner!

Our Team

Joshua has virally grown multiple pages tens of thousands of followers per week and now is here to help grow yours!

Joshua Cousins

Social Media Management

Our Founder, having gained millions of followers on social media in the past few years and working with many high-level brands. Josh is the perfect person to help strategies and help you grow on Social Media.

Josh Ryan


Niklas is a master of photoshop and is behind some of the best content produced for our clients. Now we can help do the same for you!

niklas ehinger

Content creation

“We’ve gained over 240,000 new followers this year thanks to Cleverpreneur”

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